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BA Painting and Sculpture – Virgina Tech
Studied under Ray Kass and Steve Bickley

MFA Painting and Sculpture – Brooklyn College – Fellowship
Studied under Robert Henry, Phillip Pearlstien, Lee Bontecou and Alan D’Arcangelo

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture – Scholarship
Attending teachers included Judy Pfaff, Francesco Clemente, Martha Diamond

Sculpture Center, New York City – Fellowship

One and Two Person Shows


Easton Nights at the Sigal Museum – Easton, PA through May 28


2022 Lafayette College – Skillman Gallery – Fall

2022 Colorida Gallery – Lisbon, Portugal – Mini Show – July

2021 Easton Nights – curated by Camilla Boemio  – Galleria Bruno Lisi – Rome June 21 – July 23

2021 Easton Nights at the Noyes Museum – The Arts Garage – April – June

2020 Easton Nights at Freedman Gallery – Albright College – October 29 – November 25

2020 Easton Nights at Millersville University – Sykes Gallery – Sep 15 – October 14

2019 “Dreams” Selections from the series Easton Nights  On view in the DeSoto Family Vault, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. November 1, 2019 – January 12, 2020

2019 Easton Nights – Valley Days, January through March – The Galleries at the State Theater, Easton

2018 “Easton Nights” one person show at Saint Joseph University Galleries, Philadelphia Pennsylvania August 20 – September 25

2018 “Easton Nights” one person show at Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton Pennsylvania May 19 – June2

2018 “Seeing Comes Before Words”  Two person show with Lee Smillie at Prism Contemporary in Blackburn UK- April 19

Recent Group Exhibitions

2021 Poetry of the Ordinary, curated by David Beasley, “Easton Hoops” Photoplace Gallery, Burlington Vermont.

2020 Observations of the Ordinary –

2019 InVision Juried Exhibition, Curated by Stephen Perloff – two photographs. 2nd Place award. Crayola Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

2019 Color Burst  Black Box Gallery Portland Oregon – curated by Todd Johnson – catalog available

2018 The Essential – Loosen Art – Gallery Millepani, Rome November

2018  The Copenhagen Photo Festival – “The Censured Exhibition” – Four photographs  June 7 – 17th

2018  Revolve Collective – One Year Retrospective – London UK May

2018  The Atlantic Contemporary Art Fair, Lancashire Great Britain  10 photographs displayed.

2018 “Easton Nights” one person show at Brick and Mortar Gallery, Easton Pennsylvania May 19 – June2

2018 “Love it and Leave with It” Disjecta Gallery, Portland Oregon. April 12 – fundraising show for Photolucida comprised of  Critical Mass finalists.

2018  Atlantic Contemporary Fair, The Clitheroe Grand, Lancaster UK. 10 photographs displayed


2017 “Street Photography” – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 83, Two photos,  “A Woman, a Tree, and a Baby” and “Waiting for Palms” – Curated by Christy Karpinski

2017 Invision 2017 – Crayola Gallery at the Banana Factory, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Two photographs

2017  Loosen Art Collective, Alembic Gallery, Rome 14 October – 14 November

2017 “Home” – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 83, Two photos,  “Exhaling Minnie Mouse” and “Home from School to a Castle in the Sky” – Curated by Christy Karpinski

2017 “PhotoShoot 2017”   Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Every Day is Trash Day at the Little Red House” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2017 World Street Photography Vol 4 opening party and show at Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg Germany, July 20 –  for photos included in this years publication – “A Mother A Baby and a Tree”

2017  “The Street Experience”  “Exhaling Mini Mouse”, Space Millepiani, Rome – July 2017

2017 Color” – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 83, Two photos, “Pink Line” and “Williams and Fourth”  – Curated by Christy Karpinski

2017 “A Surreal Vision”  “Vogue Couture – Paris Pennsylvania”, Space Millepiani,  Rome – June 9 2017

2017 “Space”  Float Magazine exhibition at the Littlefield Perfomance Center in Brooklyn New York – June

2017 “Street Sans Frontières”, Paris, May 12 – 14th.  Three photos from the Easton Nights Series. Curated by Martin Vegas

2017  2017 Earth Day Exhibition”  Lenscratch Magazine “Cappadocia River

2017 “Black and White 2017”   Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “The Garage is Full” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available


2016  Open Theme – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 80,
“After Hours Fashion Statement”   Curated by Christy Karpinski

2016 Framed: Shadow and Light”. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Allentown Merchant” Curated by Todd Tubutis. Catalog Available

2016  Animals Among Us”  Lenscratch Magazine “Whose Your Daddy?

2016 “Night Photography – Dusk to Dawn”  Photoplace Gallery. Shelburne, Vermont. Two photos: “Supreme Auto” and “A Nice Night for a Picnic“.  Curated by Lance Keimig.  Catalog available

2016 “Photo Shoot. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Allentown Merchant” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016  The 2016 Signs of Life Exhibition  Lenscratch Magazine “The Wrong Hands”

2016 “A Sense of Place”  Photoplace Gallery. “I want a Yellow House with a White Picket Fence” Curated by Jane Fulton Alt. Online gallery. Catalog available

2016 “Color Burst. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Williams and Fourth” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016 Electron Salon, July 14- August 12, LACDA, Los Angeles, “I want to BE a Bike”. Curated by Rex Bruce

2016 Taking Pictures: 2016. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Star Auto” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016 Focus: Light and Shadow. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Boscov Unloading – Night” Curated by Prudence Roberts. Catalog Available

2016 Black and White: 2016. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “A Square in a Square” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available


2015 Color Photography – A Picture Show. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon – online annex. “A Yellow House on a Knoll with a Lime Green Car” Curated by Jennifer Trail. Catalog Available.

2015 The Dark Side – Night Photography Exhibition -1650 Gallery, Echo Park California
Two Photos, Night Best Buy and “Night Staples” Curated by Andrew Overtoom

2015 Luminous Light and Space – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon – online annex –
“Two Bridges” Curated by Ethan Jackson. Catalog Available

2015  Photo Shoot – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon
“Tree Corn Pole and a Lyrical Cloud” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2015  Urban Landscapes – 1650 Gallery, Echo Park California
Behind Bontons”  Curated by Andrew Overtoom

2015  Focus Grayscale – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon
“Boscov Unloading” Curated by Lauren Henkin. Catalog Available

2015  Man versus Nature – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 71,
Logs and Split Wood”  Curated by Christy Karpinski



 Alexandre Bazin “Youth” and Peter Ydeen “Easton Nights”

Three videos created by Peter Ydeen in conjunction with three composer/musicians Link



Peter Ydeen’s work is in both public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. One of the most recent acquisition was three framed photographs by the Freedman Collection at Albright College


Book Publications

2020 Easton Nights – Catalog for the exhibit at Freeman Gallery, Albright College 72 pp forward by David Tanner, critical essays by Leo Hsu, Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander. ISBN 978-1-7338981-3-3

Included in

2019 Observation of the Ordinary – I Want a Yellow House with a White Picket Fence:

2018 “World Street Photography 5 – “Indoor Parking” Gudberg Nerner Publisher

2017 World Street Photography 4” –  “A Mother A Baby and a Tree” – Gudberg Nerner Publisher

Magazine Publications

2021 Gente di Fotografia – Issue 77 – Easton Nights

2021 American Nightway with Mystery Espoarte Magazine – Francesco Paola Del Re – July 20, 2021

2021 iLeGaLiT Fotographie: Peter Ydeen

2021 ArtDoc Magazine Eerie Beauty in an Nocturnal Industrial Town 2019 October Magazine – “Easton Nights”

2020  In Conversation with Peter Ydeen – Streetphotography.com – by Michael Sweet

2019 The October Magazine – “Easton Nights”

2019 All about Photo Peter Ydeen

2019 Journal of Urban Photography – “Easton Nights”

2019 Landscape Stories – issue 29 – “Cities” – “Easton Nights”

2019 EyeShot Magazine – Peter Ydeen – Easton Nights


2018 Phroom Magazine – Interview – Peter Ydeen

2018 Photo/Foto MagazineEaston Nights Exhibition

2018 Wobneb MagazineFeatured Photographer – Peter Ydeen

2018 The Visual Voices Easton Nights  Peter Ydeen – April 27

2018 SemiZine Magazine Interview – Peter Ydeen Captures Nightscapes in Easton, Jan 19

2018 ND Magazine – Peter Ydeen – Portfolio Feature


2017 Take 5 GCASF – Interview – Peter Ydeen

2107 Stop Magazine – Volume 2 – Peter Ydeen October 2017

2017 Photo Planet 360 “Interview – Peter Ydeen” September 15

2017 Loosen Art Gallery and Magazine “Peter Ydeen – Interview” August 23

2017 C41 Magazine, “Photographs of Peter Ydeen” published July 14

2017 Begin Magazine, “Valley Days – Rondels”  published July 8

2017 Photogrvphy Magazine “Easton Nights”  May 9

2017 Fraction Magazine, “Pink Line” included in the Fraction 98, in celebration of their 9th anniversary.

2017 Paradise Magazine “Waiting for Palms”  – Project featured April issue

2017 Eye Photo Magazine – “Peter Ydeen – photo review”  April issue

2017 Lensculture Magazine “Easton Nights – Project featured March 22

2017 Somewhere Magazine, Easton Nights by Peter Ydeen,  published March 16

2017 Shutters in the Night, Peter Ydeen’s Silent City of Lit Stages, published January 31

2017 Kaltblut Magazine, Easton Nights by Peter Ydeen, published January 2


2016 Float Magazine – portfolio “Peter Ydeen”

2016  Son of a Gun Magazine, Editorial, Morocco – by Peter Ydeen, published December 11

2016  Croco Magazine   Peter Ydeen – Easton Nights, published November 22

2016  Private Photo Review, Easton Nights – The Small Hours, published November 19

2016  L”Oeil de la Photographie, Peter Ydeen – Easton Nights, published October 22

2016 Phroom Magazine Peter Ydeen, published Sept 18

2016  SilverShotz Magazine.  “Dark”  series featured in the August issue.


2021 Prix de Photographie – Paris – Gold Award

2021 Spider Black and White Awards – Honorable Mention

2021 Pollux Awards – Honorable Mention2020 Honorable Mention and two nominees for the International Color Awards

2019 2nd place InVision Juried Exhibiton – Bethlehem PA Stepen Perlofff Juror

2019   Critical Mass Photolucida  – finalist

2019 PX3 – silver award

2019 International Color Awards – nominee “Egypt Star”

2018   Critical Mass Photolucida  – finalist

2018 International Color Awards, first place in the Americana division.

2018 Mahgreb Photography Awards – honorable mention for the photo essay “Waiting for Palms”

2018 IPOTY (International Photographer of the Year) 3rd place – Night Photography

2018  World Street Photography – Jonathan Higbees “Juxtaposition” Second Curators Choice


2017 Chromatic Photography Awards honorable mention for four photographs

2017   Critical Mass Photolucida  – finalist

2017 International Color awards – Fine Arts Category – Honorable Mention “Its a Nice Night for a Picnic” – Nominee for “Vignette”


2016 Black and White Spider Awards. Two Nominees, “I am not a Trinket” – “Sign Mimic” –  both in the Architectural Category.

2016 Landscape – Seascape – Cityscape – Kujaja Monthly Competition  Special Mention “Leaning Pole Red Light

2016   Critical Mass Photolucida  – finalist

2016  Lenscuture Magazine.  Portfolio award.

2016 Lensculture Magazine: Magnum Awards: Editors Pick “Pink Moon”

2016 Black and White Photography – 97: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Stop” Curated by Robert E Smith

2016 Minimalism 5: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Twos a Set, Threes a Crowd” curated by Batsceba Hardy

2016 Minimalism 4: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Potty Chiaroscuro” curated by Batsceba Hardy


2015/2016 World Street Photography Awards 2016 – “Lights and Shades” – Kujaja   Special Mention for two photos. “Boscov Unloading – Night” and “Buy a Case or a Sixpack”  Curated by Sally Davies.

2015 Black and White Spider Awards. Two Nominees, “Route 33 Signs” – Fine Art Category, “Structures” – Architectural Category.


2014 Smithsonian Magazine – Editors Pick –
“House Along the Karakoram”

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