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Peter Ydeen is primarily an Urban Landscape photographer currently living in Easton Pennsylvania and working in New York City.  He works within the now established tenet of Urban Landscape Photography which celebrates the complexity and beauty of the mundane world.  As the work progresses it has been taking on a more romantic quality, which uses the typical and ordinary as an impetus, but then adapting more ethereal qualities. His work looks for inspiration in the poetics of George Tice, the playful lyricism of Paul Klee, the eccentric energy or Charles Burchfield, all trying to set themselves within the romantic setting of an E.T.A. Hoffman tale.

“Easton Nights

Since the close of 2015 Peter Ydeen has been photographing at night in the Easton Pennsylvania area.  Starting with images of George Tice’s elegant night shots in mind, it soon matured into much more than he had expected.  The night has it’s own visual rules, it’s own color wheel, and it’s own ethereal presence.  City lighting is meant to light up objects in much the same way you would light a still life or a stage set.  Coupled with the pink light emitted by the odd sodium vapor street lights, Easton becomes a silent city of lit stages, all in unreal color and shadow. Every space acts as a reflection of the people who made it.  An  empty geometry, with its decades of formation, creates an unusual living lyricism; emphasized with paint stroke like diffractions, animated distortions and the occasional painted words which connect to the moment in our time.  The project is both addictive and cathartic, and what started as an exercise, became an interaction with the quiet shapes and exotic lights in this sometimes forgotten city.

The series is also named the  “Small Hours of Eastons” for different publications.

Easton Nights Two”  is a continuation of “Dark” starting the second year of the series.

Black White and Gray
Black White and Gray is a selection of black and white urban photographs from the Easton, Pennsylvania area where Peter Ydeen lives, New York City where he works, and from various travels. These photographs concentrate on light, tone, structure, and movement but again follow the basic tenets of Urban Landscape Photography.   This series is less romantic, and more classic, concentrating on basic visual elements and less atmospheric.

Valley Days” is the daylight series of urban landscape photos from either Easton or New York City.  It concentrates a good deal on urban sprawl and icons of small towns mixed with the geometry and grandeur of the city.  This is also an ongoing series but predates the Dark series.

Away” Away is again a series of urban landscape photographs, but taken during travels over the last few years.  Places include Eastern and Western Europe, Turkey, Mexico and China.   It has the same concepts as the other categories but with more exotic imagery.

Motion”  Our visual memory is made up of what we have seen, focused on, and stored away. Most of our vision however, is what is seen in the periphery.  Peripheral vision is not stored and remembered.  These photos are done using Intentional Camera Movement and little to no processing.  Most were created from 2013 to 2015.  The camera movement mixes colors and light giving a more momentary impression.  It is almost more of a subtractive mixture of colors you find in painting as opposed to the additive colors you have with light.  It is  an ephemeral form of Urban Landscape.

“Waiting for Palms”

Waiting for Palms

Urban Landscape photography is usually associated with photographers such as Eggleston and Tice and evokes images of the North American suburbia and small towns. The celebration of the beauty of the mundane however, exists everywhere.

Peter Ydeen recently completed a series of Urban Landscape photos in the two corners of North Africa; along the Nile River in Egypt, from Cairo to Aswan; and in central Morocco from Essaouira through the Atlas Mountains to the Saharan Drâa-Tafilalet regions.

The landscape varied from the stark and vivid minimal geometry found in both less populated areas Morocco as well as southern Egypt to the hazy and chaotic atmospheres of Cairo, Marrakech and Fez. It is a world that values an alluring privacy. The drab colors of the urban landscape are transformed into an elegant imposition of engineered spaces with the pastel hues of the buildings and spaces acting as stages for the intimate worlds of the people who themselves are elements in their stages. Here is both a mystery and dream set in colors of misunderstood beauty.

This is a mini series of about 100 photographs taken in the fall of 2016 to the spring of 2017 which tries to emphasize the elegance of these two corners of North Africa.




BA Painting and Sculpture – Virgina Tech
Studied under Ray Kass and Steve Bickley

MFA Painting and Sculpture – Brooklyn College – Fellowship
Studied under Robert Henry, Phillip Pearlstien, Lee Bontecou and Alan D’Arcangelo

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture – Scholarship
Attending teachers included Judy Pfaff, Francesco Clemente, Martha Diamond and William Wegman

Sculpture Center, New York City – Fellowship


Links to my work

Lensculture Projects:  Easton – Small Hours ,  Valley Days, Easton Gray Tones, A Commuter’s Motions, Waiting for Palms

peterydeen at Instagram

Peter Ydeen at 500px

Peter Ydeen at Kujaja



All photos are editions of 25.  Available photos can be purchased at Qrator and  Saatchi Art


Video  Alexandre Bazin “Youth” and Peter Ydeen “Easton Nights”


Book Publications

2017 World Street Photography 4” –  “A Mother A Baby and a Tree”

Magazine Publications

2017 C41 Magazine, “Photographs of Peter Ydeen” published July 14

2017 Begin Magazine, “Valley Days – Rondels”  published July 8

2017 Photogrvphy Magazine “Easton Nights”  May 9

2017 Fraction Magazine, “Pink Line” included in the Fraction 98, in celebration of their 9th anniversary.

2017 Paradise Magazine “Waiting for Palms”  – Project featured April issue

2017 Eye Photo Magazine – “Peter Ydeen – photo review”  April issue

2017 Lensculture Magazine “Easton Nights – Project featured March 22

2017 Somewhere Magazine, Easton Nights by Peter Ydeen,  published March 16

2017 Shutters in the Night, Peter Ydeen’s Silent City of Lit Stages, published January 31

2017 Kaltblut Magazine, Easton Nights by Peter Ydeen, published January 2


2016 Float Magazine – portfolio “Peter Ydeen”

2016  Son of a Gun Magazine, Editorial, Morocco – by Peter Ydeen, published December 11

2016  Croco Magazine   Peter Ydeen – Easton Nights, published November 22

2016  Private Photo Review, Easton Nights – The Small Hours, published November 19

2016  L”Oeil de la Photographie, Peter Ydeen – Easton Nights, published October 22

2016 Phroom Magazine Peter Ydeen, published Sept 18

2016  SilverShotz Magazine.  “Dark”  series featured in the August issue.


Recent Group Exhibitions and Awards


2017 World Street Photography Vol 4 opening party and show at Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg Germany, July 20 –  for photos included in this years publication – “A Mother A Baby and a Tree”

2017  “The Street Experience”  “Exhaling Mini Mouse”, Space Millepiani, Rome – July 2017

2017 Color” – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 83, Two photos, “Pink Line” and “Williams and Fourth”  – Curated by Christy Karpinski

2017 “A Surreal Vision”  “Vogue Couture – Paris Pennsylvania”, Space Millepiani,  Rome – June 9 2017

2017 “Space”  Float Magazine exhibition at the Littlefield Perfomance Center in Brooklyn New York – June

2017 Street Sans Frontières”, Paris, May 12 – 14th.  Three photos from the Easton Nights Series. Curated by Martin Vegas

2017  2017 Earth Day Exhibition”  Lenscratch Magazine “Cappadocia River”

2017 International Color awards – Fine Arts Category – Honorable Mention “Its a Nice Night for a Picnic” – Nominee for “Vignette”

2017 “Black and White 2017”   Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “The Garage is Full” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available


2016  Open Theme – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 80,
“After Hours Fashion Statement”   Curated by Christy Karpinski

2016 Framed: Shadow and Light”. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Allentown Merchant” Curated by Todd Tubutis. Catalog Available

2016  Animals Among Us”  Lenscratch Magazine “Whose Your Daddy?”

2016 Black and White Spider Awards. Two Nominees, “I am not a Trinket” – “Sign Mimic” –  both in the Architectural Category.

2016 “Night Photography – Dusk to Dawn”  Photoplace Gallery. Shelburne, Vermont. Two photos: “Supreme Auto” and “A Nice Night for a Picnic“.  Curated by Lance Keimig.  Catalog available

2016 “Photo Shoot. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Allentown Merchant” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016 Landscape – Seascape – Cityscape – Kujaja Monthly Competition  Special Mention “Leaning Pole Red Light

2016   Critical Mass top 50/Photolucida  – finalist

2016  The 2016 Signs of Life Exhibition  Lenscratch Magazine “The Wrong Hands”

2016 “A Sense of Place”  Photoplace Gallery. “I want a Yellow House with a White Picket Fence” Curated by Jane Fulton Alt. Online gallery. Catalog available

2016  Lenscuture Magazine.  Portfolio award.

2016 “Color Burst. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Williams and Fourth” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016 Electron Salon, July 14- August 12, LACDA, Los Angeles, “I want to BE a Bike”. Curated by Rex Bruce

2016 Lensculture Magazine: Magnum Awards: Editors Pick “Pink Moon”

2016 Taking Pictures: 2016. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Star Auto” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2016 Black and White Photography – 97: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Stop” Curated by Robert E Smith

2016 Focus: Light and Shadow. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “Boscov Unloading – Night” Curated by Prudence Roberts. Catalog Available

2016 Minimalism 5: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Twos a Set, Threes a Crowd” curated by Batsceba Hardy

2016 Minimalism 4: Kujaja monthly competition. Special mention, “Potty Chiaroscuro” curated by Batsceba Hardy

2016 Black and White: 2016. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon. “A Square in a Square” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available


2015/2016 World Street Photography Awards 2016 – “Lights and Shades” – Kujaja   Special Mention for two photos. “Boscov Unloading – Night” and “Buy a Case or a Sixpack”  Curated by Sally Davies.

2015 Color Photography – A Picture Show. Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon – online annex. “A Yellow House on a Knoll with a Lime Green Car” Curated by Jennifer Trail. Catalog Available.

2015 Black and White Spider Awards. Two Nominees, “Route 33 Signs” – Fine Art Category, “Structures” – Architectural Category.

2015 The Dark Side – Night Photography Exhibition -1650 Gallery, Echo Park California
Two Photos, Night Best Buy and “Night Staples” Curated by Andrew Overtoom

2015 Luminous Light and Space – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon – online annex –
“Two Bridges” Curated by Ethan Jackson. Catalog Available

2015  Photo Shoot – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon
“Tree Corn Pole and a Lyrical Cloud” Curated by Todd Johnson. Catalog Available

2015  Urban Landscapes – 1650 Gallery, Echo Park California
Behind Bontons”  Curated by Andrew Overtoom

2015  Focus Grayscale – Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon
“Boscov Unloading” Curated by Lauren Henkin. Catalog Available

2015  Man versus Nature – F-Stop Magazine – Online Gallery, Issue 71,
Logs and Split Wood”  Curated by Christy Karpinski


2014 Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest – Editors Pick –
“House Along the Karakoram”


A cloud on Newburgh Road in Easton Pennsylvania

Corn,Tree,Pole and a lyrical Cloud

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